Tongasoa eto Ampasina!

Welcome to Ampasina! We are glad to have a school in our village. But unfortunately, the school is too small for 400 children and in very bad condition.

Thanks to donations, we are able to build a new school building with 2 classrooms.

The building is now as good as finished. But unfortunately, there is still no money for the desks and benches. How nice it would be if we could also get the necessary donations for this school furniture!

We say thank you very much for every donation!

VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 W

A photo showing some of our schoolchildren


Here you can see a collage of what we have achieved so far thanks to your donations. Thank you very much for your donations so far!

The three upper pictures show the construction of the toilet building, the five lower pictures show the construction of the school building:


Picture collage of the previous construction work




We are able to present photos again. This time from the production of the school benches and tables.

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Thanks to further money allocations we were able to make another transfer to Madagascar. The Razafindratsimba family will bring the money from the BOA (Bank of Africa) Toamasina to Ampasina to the craftsmen, where wages can be paid and material can be bought (for the student tables and benches).


Some photos arrived again. We are happy to be able to document the current status with photos.


The colours are unusual for European eyes. But the Malagasy pupils and teachers must like them 😉


There is no paint on the section of the wall where the blackboard will be fixed



Great! The building is finished now! As soon as we get photos, we will publish them of course. What is still missing is the furniture of the building, i.e. the desks, the benches, 2 teacher’s tables and chairs and 2 blackboards (there are 2 classrooms in the school building). However, a start could also be made with the furniture: The workers are preparing the necessary wood!

In the case of the furniture, ideas about the amount of the costs may have to be put into perspective. They will also cost only a fraction of the local prices. Specifically: 48 desks & benches and the teacher’s furniture will cost a total of CHF 3050. But probably these costs will be even lower because we decided to use hardwood legs instead of metal ones.

But we are convinced: With your help we will also pay the remaining amount!


After we were able to make another transfer to the construction management in Ampasina thanks to further donations (the transfers can be seen under „DETAILS“, „Your money reaches its destination“), we are not far away from the home straight.


Even though the school building is still empty, we could be of use for the first time:

Cyclone Ava hit large parts of Madagascar at the beginning of January, left behind some destruction and brought huge amounts of water. Fortunately, „our“ school building was almost spared. Only small parts had to be cleaned.

Since some people in the Ampasina region became homeless because of their destroyed houses, the school building was temporarily released for these people! We are happy to be able to offer the homeless a roof over their heads!


A lot is finished. At the school building only small things have to be finished. Now everything revolves around the school furniture: desks, benches, blackboard, teacher’s table & chair and about getting the necessary funds.


Once it’s painted and the environmental work is done, it’ll look chic.


When the construction is well dried, the holes will be closed.


The foundation can be seen well here.




The building is becoming more and more concrete, as you can see in the pictures.

If more donors had a heart not only for disaster victims, but also for children and their education, this relief action could soon be successfully completed. What a great story it would be!




The roof is on it – time for a party!
Unfortunately no, with each franc donated we use for the remaining investments: Plaster, windows, doors, flooring, environmental work and school furniture.

19-05-2017 b




Our goal was and still is to present pictures of the school building as regularly as possible. This gives the donor confidence that his or her money will make a difference.

Unfortunately, our request cannot be realized to the desired extent. Unfortunately, it is not possible for our local contacts to send us pictures more frequently.

Nevertheless, we hope that the available pictures will inspire the necessary confidence.


Some slow but gradual progress. This is another way to reach your goal. It doesn’t take much to complete the school building. But we still need about CHF 4 000 for the school furniture and the rest of the material.


The gables were made. Now the roof can be built.

VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 W

VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 W


We were able to make another donation transfer. Thank you very much! The walls could be finished.


We built the foundation with stones and mortar and let it dry. Then we started with the walls. Thanks to the hard work of 4 craftsmen and a construction supervisor, the walls quickly gained height.


After we have received a large part of the necessary donations, we start to build the school building. Bricks are made by ourselves and people are recruited and informed for the ground preparation.


Start of the construction of the new toilet. Completion approx. mid August 2015. A first goal was reached! The school management takes good care of the maintenance, we could see: The doors are locked. The pupils have to ask the teacher for the keys and return them. The regular cleaning is also taken care of. We are glad that the people involved are fulfilling this duty of care (unfortunately this is not the case with all aid projects of other organisations).


The finished rest room cottage (4 squat toilets)


With the first donations we were able to buy 300 pens and excercise books and hand them over to the school management. They later distributed them to the most needy children of Ampasina, who are of school age.


Beginning of the first exchange of letters between us and the director of the primary school Ampasinas (kindergarten and 1st – 5th grade). In Madagascar a large part of the population and small companies in the countryside only have access to the Internet via the nearest „cyber café“. That’s why many letters follow instead of convenient e-mails.


Donations gladly to:

Online banking (loss-free), at the bank or with payment slip at the post office. If possible, please with the note: „Ampasina“

IBAN: CH73 8000 5000 0501 2624 8
Bank: Raiffeisenbank St. Gallen, 9001 St. Gallen, Switzerland Gallen, Switzerland
Account holder: International Blackboard Organisation/ IBBO

We and the schoolchildren and teachers of the Ampasina region would like to thank all donors!




Would you like to sponsor a schoolchild?

We do not actually offer sponsorship for a single child. The reason: With our project sponsorship you support many children, and not just a few. If you wish, you are welcome to send us regular support contributions in the form of a sponsorship until the end of the relief campaign in Ampasina.

Contact to our relief action:

Familie Horn-Razafindratsimba
Rämelstrasse 3
4103 Bottmingen
Telefon: 0041 (0)61 693 10 02



Here you can see a 3-minute SLIDESHOW with photos from the region Tamatave, where Ampasina is located, and from the capital of Madagascar:





Pictures of the existing buildings

The construction of the rest room cottage

The construction of the new school building


About us & Details of our project


I, Klaus, am 51 years old and a nurse in an old people’s home. Nina, 38, my wife, takes care of the children and the household. She comes from Madagascar and has been living in Switzerland for about 10 years now. I know the country quite well from my 4 visits, one of which lasted 9 months.



The title’s gonna be a little confusing. The explanation: I, Nina, attended Ampasina’s school for 6 years as a child. That’s why the headmaster still knows me. When I was back in Ampasina in 2012, he approached me. He told me about how many parents in the region are so poor that they cannot buy exercise books and pens for their children.

That made me sad and I told Klaus about it in Switzerland. That didn’t leave him cold either. And so, after some time of reflection, the decision had matured to help the children in the Ampasina region.

Nina Razafindratsimba, Relief Action Ampasina


Ampasina and the school


Ampasina is located in the northeast of Madagaskar

The children there should have at least a minimum amount of school material, we thought. So we started with 300 exercise books and 400 pens for the needy children.

Soon it turned out that the primary school of Ampasina itself needed a lot of support. There are not enough classrooms and they are in a really bad condition, as you can see on the photos. It was clear to us that we could not replace all the dilapidated wooden buildings of the school with new ones. That would have gone beyond what we could have done.

But the construction of a new school building for 2 classes (with bricks, not made of wood) and a small toilet building would help a lot. Now we are about to realize this with the support of donations. As we have already experienced on site: The children and teachers in and around Ampasina are very happy about the new school building!

At the moment we are on the right path and there is only little money left to finish the school furniture in addition to the building. But with your help we can do it!